First blog post

In 2013, my family and I were so tired of being unhealthy all the time.  We decided to take our lives back in an attempt at living a better lifestyle.  But that is not quite so easy in the land where everything is battered and fried!  The struggle is real, no doubt!

Converting our “comfort food” recipes over to “healthier” recipes was not an easy task.  My first trip to our local health food store left me in tears.  “I love to bake!  How can I bake healthy & gluten free,” I asked.  The response was that it was too difficult & not to even try.  Just buy a mix. WHAT????  No, I want to personally make the food that my family eats!

This made my determination hit the 215,078% level.  I bought several bags of different flours & went home.  Night after night, I cried at the stove, but my sweet husband told me, “You can do anything!  You can conquer this!  I believe in you!”  Here we are today, still learning!

In our fast paced lives, we associate any words relating to “healthy” as being nasty, tasteless, garbage…”. It is quite the opposite!

I learned to write down each variation I tried, so that if the end result was acceptable, I had the final draft.

Recipes are important to me.  I came from a family that cooked with “a pinch of this” and “a dab of that”.  I can’t recreate Grandmother’s famous coconut cake on this!  So, I decided to leave a legacy for my children.

A few 3 ring binders & a 1000 sheet protectors later, I had made organized cookbooks complete with favorite drawings from my children & history of our town.  I guess you could call it Kitchen scrap booking of some sort.  I hope they cherish it as much as I have enjoyed making it.  Some recipes are original, some are converted for our dietary needs.

Thank you for joining us in this journey. Taking our lives back, one step at a time!

Mom’s Fabulous Mac & Cheese:

1 package Rotini Noodles (we use gluten free), cooked & drained.

Add 1/2 package cream cheese, 1 can of Rotel & 3/4 block Velveeta cheese block.  Cook on LOW heat until cheese has melted.  Add water or milk to reach desired thickness and creaminess.  Add salt, pepper, garlic salt & cornbread crumbs to taste.

You can also make different variations with broccoli, bacon bits, ham, etc.

Simple yet easy side dish!




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