Skin Care Does Not Have To Be Expensive

Growing up, I was so embarrassed of my face. I had more bumps and craters than the Grand Canyon! No matter what we tried, it only made things worse. As a last resort, my parents scheduled me to see a dermatologist. He prescribed pills, smelly creams and astringents that burned my skin.

My family is well known for having over sensitive skin. We are seriously allergic to weird things such as surgical tape. Really?! So, why didn’t Mom realize that my skin was reacting more to the chemicals than my hormones & everything else?

I wish that someone had shared this secret with me a long time ago. We all have it in our homes. Why didn’t I think of this earlier??? Peroxide! Yes, I wash my face with peroxide. $.99 peroxide & a paper towel. Think about it! What is the first thing we grab to clean a cut? Peroxide! So why not trust it to clean your pores? My pores are no longer the size of a straight pin head. No more whiteheads. No more blackheads. They seriously just come out on their own! I know that is gross, but it’s not as gross as those

annoying infomercials on tv! *Btw, a well known local dermatologist suggested this*

Now, this is coming from an ex-Mary Kay rep & a present day Younique rep. I do not buy expensive skin care products!

After dabbling in essential oils, I took my skin care a step further. I added 1/2 spritz bottle with distilled water, 1/2 with essential oil rose water & added 3 drops of Frankincense.

Yes, Frankincense. You remember…one of the gifts from the Wise Men! Frankincense is anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti everything bad for you. This makes it is perfect for your skin.

Try it! I promise that you won’t regret trading in your expensive lines skin care lines for something cheaper & natural. If you want more information, please feel free to inbox me. I would love to share what I have learned.



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