Flu Season Is Here

It’s October! And cold! And the flu is going around! The words cold weather & flu do not belong in the same paragraph with October. This is MS! We wear t-shirts and flip flops during Christmas!

Two years ago, a friend of mine introduced my family to the Flu Bomb. Sounds scary, right? It’s not! This stuff magical! It lessened the symptoms of those infected & prevented the rest of the house from coming down with it. Unlike TamiFlu, this is safe & affordable. You can mix the essential oil Flu Bomb two different ways.


4 drops of Theives

4 drops Lemon

4 drops Oregano

2 drops Tea Tree/Melaleuca

2 drops Frankincense

Mix with carrier oil (V6, Coconut, Olive Oil are my preferences)

Take twice daily with food.


Double the number of drops for each oil. Mix with carrier oil. Roll on the bottom of your feet, on your chest & on your spine. You can do this a couple times daily.

If you would like more information on essential oils, feel free to inbox me. ❤️



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