Baby Gifts Fit for a King

There are many things in the Bible that I do not understand.  Apparently, these are things forgotten through the times considering no one can answer some of these questions.

One thing that has always intrigued me in the Bible is how many times essential oils were mentioned and used.  I knew they were plant based & God created plants, so they had to be good.  But this was the extent of my knowledge.

Essential oils were important enough that God made sure that whole recipes were written in His word.  As a matter of fact, essential oils are mentioned roughly around 300 times in the Bible.

The best explanation that anyone ever offered me on essential oils concerns the passage where the Wise Men sought out Jesus & they came bearing gifts of “expensive perfumes and gold”.  Ummm, so why would you bring a Toddler expensive perfumes and gold, even if He was destined to be the King of Kings?

After diving into the essential oil craze and learning about the value of each, it unlocked these Biblical mysteries in my mind.

The 3 gifts of the Wise Men were Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  Some have argued that Gold was not the Gold we know today.  They claim that it was holistic gold, Turmeric (The greatest holistic antibiotic).  We were not there, so we can only speculate.  However, it makes sense that Turmeric was one of the 3 gifts when I realized the holistic value the other 2 gifts had.

I would love to share with you what I have learned about Frankincense and Myrrh.  Hopefully it will help open this and other Biblical passages up in a whole new light for you.

Frankincense:  Known as the King of Essential Oils.  Used during mediation and prayer to promote spiritual awareness.  A few of its benefits include:  Itch relief, wart removal, treat insect bites, strengthens brittle nails, clears cysts, improves circulation, treats dermatitis, treats acne, reduces wrinkles, helps reduce signs of scars, treats cuts & wounds, reduces stretchmarks, decreases inflammation, treats osteo & rheumatoid arthritis, strengthens immune system, disinfecting pain reliever, relieves joint and muscle pain, reduces gas and bloating, reduces stress and promotes relaxation, increases visual acuity, antidepressant, promotes peace and calmness, lung support and asthma relief, indigestion, and many more…(BTW, I wash my face daily with Frank. and Rose Water.  Excellent for skin care!)

Myrrh:  Used as an antiseptic for following birth and to be put on the umbilical cord for healing.  Has neuroprotective effects, helps fight cancer, helps lower blood sugar levels, treats inflammatory bowel disease, contains antioxidant properties, protects against sun damage, powerful pain reliever, treats vaginal infections, strong bacterial inhibitor, controls fungal sinusitis, antibacterial & antifungal properties, anti-parasitic, promotes relaxation, potent astringent, anti-tumoral, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, has a calming & balancing effect on emotions and nervous system, promotes healthy skin, helps fight depression, and many more…

Think back to that time.  Think of the environment.  Think of the amounts of travel they were doing, the different people and diseases they were coming in contact with.  As new parents, we’ve all been protective over our children’s health.  What would make Mary & Joseph any different from you and I in this sense?

So, these were not just expensive perfumes that only belonged to the elite of that day.  These were actually an advanced “first aid kit” of that time.

Closing Tidbits-Other oils mentioned in the Bible and a FEW of their uses:

Cedarwood:  Connected to the wisdom in the Bible and used to treat skin conditions.  Improves focus, concentration and memory.

Hyssop:  Similar to oregano or thyme.  Very strong anti-bacterial.  Used to treat infections.

Spikenard: Similar to Lavender oil (same flower family).  Promotes relaxation and good health.  It is also used to treat feet and bruises.  Remember the story of Jesus “missing” Lazarus’ funeral?  Remember the oil that was used to wash His feet & the raucous it stirred in the house?

Cassia:  Similar to cinnamon.  Used to treat infections and sometimes used along with Myrrh as a natural fragrance.

Sandalwood (Aloes): Anti-cancer properties, skin health and beauty.  Also historically used as a aphrodisiac.

Cypress:  Used for supporting bones, skin and circulation.

Galbanum:  Foul smelling oil when used alone.  Supports digestive health & uplifts spirit and mood.

Rose of Sharon:  Used to boost mood as a natural aphrodisiac.  Holy Anointing Oil is referenced repeatedly and was used for healing.  It’s a blend of Cinnamon, Cassia, Calamus, Myrrh and Olive Oil.  Let me say this again…Holy Anointing Oil that was used for Healing.  Rose of Sharon, another name for Him.  WOW!

Calamus:  Most similar to Lemongrass oil.  Used for tissue regeneration, healing and as a natural insect repellent.

Hope you enjoyed this “oil lesson” as much as I did.  🙂  Now, take these oils and place their values into the Bible stories.  You will receive a blessing!







2 thoughts on “Baby Gifts Fit for a King”

  1. Oh I love essential oils. Frankincense and Myrrh are two of my favorites. Right now I am diffusing Purify, Juniper berry, Frankincense and Myrrh. It reminds me of walking outside in the woods on a cool Autumn day. This has become my favorite diffusing blend.

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