Missing In Action

Well, I am back!  A friend asked why I was missing in action.  Depression & anxiety are real!  Very real!  He encouraged me to talk about it with each of you.

“Be kind to everyone you meet.  You have no idea what they may face in their lives.”  Gosh, I’ve heard this my entire life.  Each year, I realize this more.  I guess wisdom does come with age.

Everyday, we face battles unseen, battles in our mind.  Some struggle with this worse than others.  It may be triggered from the loss of a loved one, worry, financial struggles, difficulty in the work force, among other things.

We come in contact with people from all walks of life, many different personalities on a daily basis.  There is the older person that you hate to see coming because they will complain about everything wrong (and I do mean EVERYTHING!).  Most of the time, these people have no one to talk to.  You are their “Dr. Phil” for the day.

Then there are the folks that are so happy that you want to slap the grin off their face…overly bubbly.  You think, “There is no way anyone can be that happy everyday!”  Well, you may be wrong or you may be right.  Many people conceal their problems to the world.  No one knows what they face.  Demons from the past.  Anxiety of the future.  Depression for today.  Is it ok to have an “off” day?  YES!  It is perfectly ok.  But what about those that have a more difficult time pulling out of this rut?  Where does this leave them?

Do we encourage each other as much as possible, whether we feel like it or not?  Or are we too busy tearing people down behind their backs?  Are we too wrapped up in our own problems to care?

You never know when a simple complement might turn the day around for the person in front of you.  You never know when your words & actions may give someone the will to live or end their lives.

Please remember what we learned as a child, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”  A warm hug & a kind word goes a long way.  It also makes you feel better in the process.

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