Chicken Fettuccini

While in college, I worked part time at a local restaurant. My boss made Chicken Fettuccini from scratch & asked me to try it. This was the first time I had ever tried this dish & I was hooked! Fast forward 25 years, I decided to try and make it from scratch. All the supper plates were clean, so I feel it is safe to assume it was a hit.

Boil egg noodles (Jovani Brand Gluten Free)

Thaw 1 bag Tyson pre-cooked frozen grilled Chicken strips & dice.

Partially drain the egg noodles. Add the chicken.

Then add the following:

3 cloves minced garlic

1/2 & 1/2 or Heavy Whipping Cream (choose your preference & add as much as you would like for the volume of your sauce to be)

Diced mushrooms, green onions & fresh parsley

Grated fresh parmesan cheese

Mozzarella Cheese (add to your preference)

If too thick, thin it out with chicken broth.

Salt & pepper to taste.

Garnish with diced roma tomatoes and parsley.

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