Not Your Mama’s Breakfast

Every now and then, we all like to change things up a bit.  These 3 recipes are very popular.  They take traditional southern breakfast foods & put a different twist to them.

Gouda Grits:

A friend of mine made these one day & they were DIVINE!

4 cups water

4 cups chicken broth

1 cup whipping cream (not whipped cream)

2 cups grits

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. pepper

Bring the water, chicken broth & whipping cream to a boil then simmer.  Add grits after 15 minutes.

Add and stir in:

1/4 cup butter

2 cups smoked gouda cheese

1/2 cup buttermilk

2 Tbsp. hot sauce (optional)


Spicy Scrambled Eggs:

6 eggs

1/4 cup Half and Half

1/4 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. black pepper

1 Tbsp. butter

Hot Sauce (or paprika & cayenne pepper)

Crack eggs in a bowl.  Add Half & Half.  Whisk until smooth.

Add seasonings and whisk until well combined.

Heat skillet and add butter.

When melted, add eggs & cook over low heat.


For carbs, dice & fry yellow and white potatoes.  

Once cooked, add garlic salt with parsley and paprika.





Italian Pot Roast with Roasted Potatoes

While shopping yesterday morning, the pot roasts looked delicious, but I wanted a different twist on it.  A few years ago, I tried my hand at making Italian Pot Roast, but I wasn’t exactly pleased with the way it turned out.  I researched some different recipes online tonight & added my own variation to them.

Slow cook your pot roast in a crock pot or you can cook it in a pressure cooker if you are in a hurry.  Either way, the roast is very tender!

Considering we eat leftovers for lunch the following day, I cook 2 roasts at a time.  I add 4 celery stalks, salt & pepper and 2 diced yellow onions (or 1 package Lipton Dry Onion Soup Mix) to the crock pot or pressure cooker.

After the roasts are fully cooked, I add the following:

1 jar Roasted Red Peppers with 1 Tbsp. of the juice

6 whole Sun-dried Tomatoes or 1 slightly drained can of Diced Tomatoes

Beef Stock or Broth as needed.

6 cloves Garlic (or garlic salt)

2 Tbsp. Parsley

1/4-1/2 cup white cooking wine


Cook Rice separately.

Make a gravy with the broth.

When making your plate, put rice on the bottom, gravy in the middle and meat with veggies on top.


I served roasted potatoes on the side.

Preheat oven 450.  Spray a baking sheet with coconut oil.

3 large Diced Brown Potatoes, lightly coated in Olive oil, 1 Pack Lipton Dry Savory Herb & Garlic Salt.

Cook for 40 minutes or until fully cooked.


Hope you enjoy!




Baby Gifts Fit for a King

There are many things in the Bible that I do not understand.  Apparently, these are things forgotten through the times considering no one can answer some of these questions.

One thing that has always intrigued me in the Bible is how many times essential oils were mentioned and used.  I knew they were plant based & God created plants, so they had to be good.  But this was the extent of my knowledge.

Essential oils were important enough that God made sure that whole recipes were written in His word.  As a matter of fact, essential oils are mentioned roughly around 300 times in the Bible.

The best explanation that anyone ever offered me on essential oils concerns the passage where the Wise Men sought out Jesus & they came bearing gifts of “expensive perfumes and gold”.  Ummm, so why would you bring a Toddler expensive perfumes and gold, even if He was destined to be the King of Kings?

After diving into the essential oil craze and learning about the value of each, it unlocked these Biblical mysteries in my mind.

The 3 gifts of the Wise Men were Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  Some have argued that Gold was not the Gold we know today.  They claim that it was holistic gold, Turmeric (The greatest holistic antibiotic).  We were not there, so we can only speculate.  However, it makes sense that Turmeric was one of the 3 gifts when I realized the holistic value the other 2 gifts had.

I would love to share with you what I have learned about Frankincense and Myrrh.  Hopefully it will help open this and other Biblical passages up in a whole new light for you.

Frankincense:  Known as the King of Essential Oils.  Used during mediation and prayer to promote spiritual awareness.  A few of its benefits include:  Itch relief, wart removal, treat insect bites, strengthens brittle nails, clears cysts, improves circulation, treats dermatitis, treats acne, reduces wrinkles, helps reduce signs of scars, treats cuts & wounds, reduces stretchmarks, decreases inflammation, treats osteo & rheumatoid arthritis, strengthens immune system, disinfecting pain reliever, relieves joint and muscle pain, reduces gas and bloating, reduces stress and promotes relaxation, increases visual acuity, antidepressant, promotes peace and calmness, lung support and asthma relief, indigestion, and many more…(BTW, I wash my face daily with Frank. and Rose Water.  Excellent for skin care!)

Myrrh:  Used as an antiseptic for following birth and to be put on the umbilical cord for healing.  Has neuroprotective effects, helps fight cancer, helps lower blood sugar levels, treats inflammatory bowel disease, contains antioxidant properties, protects against sun damage, powerful pain reliever, treats vaginal infections, strong bacterial inhibitor, controls fungal sinusitis, antibacterial & antifungal properties, anti-parasitic, promotes relaxation, potent astringent, anti-tumoral, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, has a calming & balancing effect on emotions and nervous system, promotes healthy skin, helps fight depression, and many more…

Think back to that time.  Think of the environment.  Think of the amounts of travel they were doing, the different people and diseases they were coming in contact with.  As new parents, we’ve all been protective over our children’s health.  What would make Mary & Joseph any different from you and I in this sense?

So, these were not just expensive perfumes that only belonged to the elite of that day.  These were actually an advanced “first aid kit” of that time.

Closing Tidbits-Other oils mentioned in the Bible and a FEW of their uses:

Cedarwood:  Connected to the wisdom in the Bible and used to treat skin conditions.  Improves focus, concentration and memory.

Hyssop:  Similar to oregano or thyme.  Very strong anti-bacterial.  Used to treat infections.

Spikenard: Similar to Lavender oil (same flower family).  Promotes relaxation and good health.  It is also used to treat feet and bruises.  Remember the story of Jesus “missing” Lazarus’ funeral?  Remember the oil that was used to wash His feet & the raucous it stirred in the house?

Cassia:  Similar to cinnamon.  Used to treat infections and sometimes used along with Myrrh as a natural fragrance.

Sandalwood (Aloes): Anti-cancer properties, skin health and beauty.  Also historically used as a aphrodisiac.

Cypress:  Used for supporting bones, skin and circulation.

Galbanum:  Foul smelling oil when used alone.  Supports digestive health & uplifts spirit and mood.

Rose of Sharon:  Used to boost mood as a natural aphrodisiac.  Holy Anointing Oil is referenced repeatedly and was used for healing.  It’s a blend of Cinnamon, Cassia, Calamus, Myrrh and Olive Oil.  Let me say this again…Holy Anointing Oil that was used for Healing.  Rose of Sharon, another name for Him.  WOW!

Calamus:  Most similar to Lemongrass oil.  Used for tissue regeneration, healing and as a natural insect repellent.

Hope you enjoyed this “oil lesson” as much as I did.  🙂  Now, take these oils and place their values into the Bible stories.  You will receive a blessing!







But the greatest of these is Love…

The worst thing a writer can do is start a blog & then go MIA for a month.  Well, it has been a tough month.  There have been struggles that were not evident from the surface.

Stress & Worry.  When present, they put on their Halloween masks & hide within your body as a coping mechanism.  What does this have to do with Love?  Keep reading.  It all comes together in the end.

For the past month+, stress and worry wore the mask of physical illness.  We are supposed to cast every care upon God because HE will take care of us.  He is there with us.  He has gone before us.  He will work everything out for our good, according to His purpose.  So, why should we let anything bring us down?

Without disclosing many details about the situation, here is a vague synopsis.  God tells us to treat everyone the way that He treats us.  He tells us to love everyone the way that He loves us.  He tells us to turn the other cheek and forgive.  My cheeks have gotten sore.  I am amazed at those who call themselves “Christians” yet they spend their days planning how they can attack their spiritual brothers and sisters.

The title of Christian means to be Christ-like.  To act like Him.  When people see you, they will see Him through you.  The disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.  They earned their title, and they strived to live up to it.  So, why can’t we???

Faith, hope and love…but the GREATEST of these is LOVE.  Well, it is tough to reciprocate love and not hatred to a person that has repeatedly made you their target, a so called “Christian”.  Well, I haven’t acted very Christian through all of this.  I am human.  I’ve been through all the stages of emotions…hurt, sadness, anger, more anger, there is no way my anger level can surpass this.  I wanted to retaliate so bad.  I knew that in doing so, I would be as low as my attacker.  Gosh, it sure was tempting though!

But God…but God had it under His control.  He knew the plan that He had for me.  He knew that the truth would come forward.  Who was I to doubt Him?  But I did through worry and stress.

God used this to move me from my comfort zone.  Kind of a modern day Jonah.  He used this for me to discover there was so much more in store for my life.  He knew that I needed a change, but I would have to be pushed into it.

My professional attacker’s plan backfired.  Instead of landing me in a cauldron of hot water, such as witches tend to do, this pushed me to enter a door that opened.  A greater opportunity.  A greater calling.

Oh, how HE loves me.  He has never lost control.  He has never slept through the seasons of my life.  He was, He is, He will always be my greatest defender.

Forgiveness isn’t coming so easily, but it will come.  Tonight, God revealed that I have no right to hate someone that drove me onto a better path.  God just used what the Devil had planned, and He turned it around as a testimony to His greatness.

Faith, hope and love, but the greatest of all of these is Love.  And oh, how He loves me!  I’m amazed…



Flu Season Is Here

It’s October! And cold! And the flu is going around! The words cold weather & flu do not belong in the same paragraph with October. This is MS! We wear t-shirts and flip flops during Christmas!

Two years ago, a friend of mine introduced my family to the Flu Bomb. Sounds scary, right? It’s not! This stuff magical! It lessened the symptoms of those infected & prevented the rest of the house from coming down with it. Unlike TamiFlu, this is safe & affordable. You can mix the essential oil Flu Bomb two different ways.


4 drops of Theives

4 drops Lemon

4 drops Oregano

2 drops Tea Tree/Melaleuca

2 drops Frankincense

Mix with carrier oil (V6, Coconut, Olive Oil are my preferences)

Take twice daily with food.


Double the number of drops for each oil. Mix with carrier oil. Roll on the bottom of your feet, on your chest & on your spine. You can do this a couple times daily.

If you would like more information on essential oils, feel free to inbox me. ❤️



Getting Rid of the Pink Eye Naturally

The Pink Eye is NO FUN!!!!  My son brought this home from preschool a couple of weeks ago.  A quick trip to the doctor & a few eye drops later, he was cleared…but not before he shared with Mama.  The eye drops have never really worked for me, so I started researching essential oil recipes.  The internet recommended putting a drop of lavender oil and a drop of Purification oil (Young Living Brand) on a make up sponge & rubbing it AROUND the eye.  Do NOT get this inside of the eye.  Keep your eyes closed for a few seconds until the oils are absorbed.  Within an hour, I had relief!  Within a day, I was cured.

My Younique makeup is not cheap, but I buy it for the quality and because it lasts a long time.  My new eye makeup arrived a few days before our Pink Eye episode.  I could not stand the thought of having to throw all of this makeup away, so I washed all the brushes, etc in the lavender & purification mixture.  IT WORKED!!!  I was so happy!

Now, I will not guarantee that this will work for everyone, but if you want to try healing naturally, you may want to give this a shot.

(If you are interested in more information concerning Young Living and Younique products, please inbox me.)

Banana Nut Bread

Banana Nut Bread and Pumpkin Bread seem to be the 2 most requested recipes I have converted.  I took the recipes that my mom always used (probably came from the Bell’s Best Cookbook) & made them Gluten Free.  I will post the Pumpkin Bread recipe before long, but until then, I hope you all enjoy this one.

1 tsp. vanilla (do not use the imitation junk)

1/2 cup coconut flakes (optional)

1/2 cup raisins (optional)

2 eggs

1/2 cup butter or coconut oil

1 tsp. baking soda

1 cup Gluten Free All Purpose Flour (My preferences are Tom Sawyer or Cup 4 Cup brands)

1 cup Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking Mix

1 cup Coconut Sugar

3 Ripened Mashed Bananas

1 cup finely chopped pecans (optional or can be replaced with your favorite nut)


Preheat oven 350

Cream the butter, sugar and vanilla together.

SIFT in the dry ingredients.

Add the fruit and nuts.

Bake in a loaf pan for 55-60 minutes or until completely cooked in the middle.